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TaxACT 2012 Versions, Features and Prices

iPad and Android Apps, Online and Desktop Tax Software


TaxACT offers online and Windows desktop tax software, and an app for iPad and Android tablets. There are three versions available, and a state return add-on. Federal e-File is free, and all versions include FAFSA worksheet, loan and savings calculators and import of data from last year's return prepared with another tax software product (PDF copy of return required).

This year, TaxACT has added a My Forms list to the software to make navigating to specific forms in the tax return easier.

Published 12/29/2012. Prices subject to change.

1. TaxACT Free Edition

TaxACT TaxTutor Guidance gives answers to tax questions.
TaxACT 2012 TaxTutor Guidance2nd Story Software
This free federal tax software can be used online or on an iPad or Android tablet. A Windows desktop version is available, too.
  • Supports 1040, 1040 EZ and 1040A with no income or age restrictions.
  • Help Topics, TaxTutor Guidance, and IRS Form Instructions, or email questions to tax specialists for free, or pay $7.95 for unlimited tax help over the phone.
  • TaxACT can compare your 2012 tax return to last year's to help with finding potential errors.
  • Audit Assistant guides you through the audit process if you are audited.
You can complete your return at no cost online with the Free Edition, or pay $5.95 for the software CD shipping if you prefer to install on your PC. State return is $14.95 extra.

TaxACT Free Edition

2. TaxACT Deluxe

The interview in TaxACT tax software.
TaxACT 2012 Tax Interview2nd Story Software
For $12.95 for the Windows download or $9.95 for the online or mobile app, you get everything in Free Edition plus:
  • Additional tax advice and free phone support (once you pay for TaxACT).
  • Donation Assistant, which track charitable contributions that are tax deductible.
  • Import of last year's return, W-2 wage statements and investments.
  • Support for reporting capital gains, depreciation and disposal summaries for small businesses and comparison of joint vs. separate returns. You can also compare your return to national averages and use TaxWatch 2013 to create a plan to lower your taxes for next year.
  • Tax calculator for what-if scenarios relative to income taxes.
A state return can be added for $14.95 for the Windows version or $8 for online or tablet apps. Compare this to the Ultimate Bundle below for savings.

TaxACT Deluxe

3. Ultimate Bundle

TaxACT tax software alerts you to problems with your income tax return.
TaxACT 2012 Tax Alerts2nd Story Software
This version packages TaxACT Deluxe with one state for a cost of $17.95 for the online or tablet versions, which includes one state and federal e-File.

The Windows desktop TaxACT Ultimate Bundle is $21.95 and includes a federal e-File with a $7.95 state e-file fee (except for NY). You can complete additional state returns and up to four more federal returns.

TaxACT Ultimate Bundle

4. TaxACT Business Editions

If you file an 1120S, 1065 or 1120 tax return, you can use TaxACT tax software.
2nd Story Software
Small business editions for 1120S, 1065 and 1120 are only available for Windows PCs. One free federal-File is included, and tax help over the phone is included with the cost.
  • TaxACT Home & Business files a business return and a federal and state 1040, and includes federal e-File for both busies and personal returns.
  • State Edition add-on includes free e-file for some states.
TaxACT Business Editions cost $39.95, add a state for $14.95, or buy all states for $51.80. TaxACT Home & Business is $54.95. State and federal discounted bundles are available. Prices are for tax software downloads. Add $5.95 to receive a software CD.

TaxACT Small Business Editions

5. TaxACT State Return

The interview in TaxACT tax software walk you through completing your return.
2nd Story Software
If you want to use TaxACT just to prepare a state tax return, the online and tablet state apps run $14.95 and include one e-File. The PC version is $14.95 plus $7.95 to e-File (prepare and print unlimited returns with TaxACT desktop).

TaxACT State Edition

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