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TaxSlayer Review: Versions, Features and Prices


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TaxSlayer Makes Completing Your Taxes Easy and Affordable
TaxSlayer promises to make preparing your taxes simple.


TaxSlayer LLC
TaxSlayer started out in 1992 with income tax preparation software for tax professionals who prepared and filed returns on behalf of others, then expanded to personal tax software six years later. To date, TaxSlayer.com has been used to file millions of tax returns at a lower cost than many of its competitors.

TaxSlayer promises to keep the task of preparing your return simple yet thorough and to always be up front about prices, which include the cost of e-File. State returns are available for a low price as well.

In addition to the three versions listed below, TaxSlayer offers a free Military Edition to all active duty military members for tax year 2012.

All versions give you access to the TaxSlayer Support Center, with information on a variety of tax topics, a glossary, help for getting started with TaxSlayer and tech support questions and answers. The Support Center also has information about payments, filing electronically, printing out a return, state income taxes, military taxes, amended returns and using TaxSlayer to prepare a return for a prior year. Enter keywords or phrases into the Search box at the top of the page to find information you're specifically looking for and click on Contact Us to email TaxSlayer support personnel.

Prices subject to change after April 1, 2013.

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