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Reader Gives Heads-Up on Glitch with TurboTax and .NET


Updated 01/01/08 01:08 a.m.

Reader comments benefit everyone who frequents About Financial Software. Thanks to comments from Thomas concerning my blog post, TurboTax Update: Great Stuff!, I've discovered that many TurboTax customers are having trouble completely installing TurboTax or running TurboTax due to what seems to be a problem with Microsoft .NET framework. Many of you are thinking, "huh - framework?".

The easiest to comprehend layman's explanation of .NET I found was from Tech-Pro.net: Microsoft .NET framework provides features, functions and security that can be used by programs which run on Windows operating systems. I've read in more detail about what .NET is on Microsoft's Development site, but it was from a technical programming perspective and I couldn't comprehend it well enough to pass on to readers.

The .NET issue causes an error that references 25015 in TurboTax, but may be causing other errors as well. A partial or corrupted .NET install is causing the problems, and TurboTax only detects whether .NET exists on the computer it is being installed to but TurboTax can't tell whether a good copy of .NET has been installed. So, TurboTax installs and then fails.

TurboTax .NET Fixes

Right now, it looks like TurboTax is broken for quite a few people, and here is the fix:

  1. Uninstall .NET 2.0
  • Go into Windows Control Panel.
  • Choose Add/Remove software.
  • Find then select Microsoft .NET 2.0 and remove it.
  • Restart your computer.

  • Reinstall TurboTax. TurboTax will install .NET 2.0 when it does not detect the framework on your computer.
  • TurboTax Support has a list of .NET-related error codes and how to resolve them as well.

    Alternatives for TurboTax

    • If you like TurboTax desktop, I don't think you should write it off just yet. If you have the .NET framework on your PC and it installed correctly, TurboTax desktop should work smoothly. If you do not have the .NET framework, TurboTax will install it.
    • Another option is using TurboTax Online, which does not suffer from this issue because it runs from your Internet browser. And, using online software has benefits that desktop software does not have as well.
    • You can also select another income tax preparation software such as:

    I emailed a TurboTax insider about this issue and will post an update in this blog when I know more. Subscribe to the Financial Software Headlines RSS feed to get more information when it is available.

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